Stress Issues

Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Memory Loss, Tension

When stress is experienced too dramatically or over too long a time it can literally be dangerous to our health. Hypnotherapy can really help a person to manage their stress more effectively allowing them to get on with their lives.

Effects of stress

There are both physical and cognitive effects of stress. Physical effects include tight muscles, rapid and shallow breathing, increased blood pressure and heart rate, adrenaline secretion and sweating. Cognitive effects can include difficulty concentrating and memory problems.

Stress can also be the engine, or driving force behind such disorders as substance abuse, performance of obsessive compulsive rituals, domestic violence, and eating disorders.

At the highest stress levels we might be dysfunctional as the excess tension and energy is channelled into symptoms, as mentioned above.

Stress signs

  • Do you easily get frustrated?
  • Are your muscles always tense?
  • Does your jaw feel tight and ache?
  • Do you find yourself not having enough time?
  • Do you feel tired and worn out?
  • Have you had an increase in physical illness?
  • Do you have trouble sleeping?
  • Do you have trouble remembering things?
  • Do you feel tense, anxious or uptight?
  • Do you worry about things too much?
  • Do you rely on drugs or alcohol to cope?
  • Are you concerned about getting burnout?